HP Desktop C2500 Keyboard+Mouse Wired



The HP Desktop C2500 Keyboard+Mouse is an amazing combination of desktop components that offer you the flexibility and comfort of working on a PC. The amazing keyboard with a long lasting print on the keys lets you type in comfort since it features soft-touch keys that are responsive and quiet. The keyboard is spill resistant which makes it easier to clean. It features a mouse that lets you enjoy smooth, responsive cursor control, thanks to its Smooth and fast rubber scroll wheel with high-definition optical tracking. It features an ergonomically designed mouse that gives great comfort to your hands and enables precision. This wired combo also features a 3 keyboard indicator lights that glow green and illuminate your path to productivity. Adding another feature to its powerhouse of functions, it also has 1,200 dpi optical that enables its wireless functioning and aid its portability. The presence of adjustable legs that promote wrist control and the trust of HPs standards are other reasons which make this device a great value for money deal