Creative SBS Computer Multimedia Speaker A550 5.1



Experience high-quality sound with the Creative SBS A550 Multimedia Speaker set. Great compact design with elegant black finish, gives a stylish feel to it. Designed with the latest Creative DSE design, it enables you to achieve a louder and more detailed sound even if they are placed in a small room of a house. The compact design will allow versatile and easy installation, which will help to achieve an exceptional 5.1 positional audio experience. Innovative sound Technology The speaker can connect easily to your PC, allowing you to enjoy your favourite playlists with brilliant sound quality. The 5.1 channel speakers will provide an all new gaming experience with high definition sound. With innovative IFP design helps you to create an extended flare that surrounds the satellite driver to provide a wider acoustic cover. The use of this technology improves the sonic power density in the listening area and gives music more focus while preserving the tonal accuracy. The speaker comes with a handy wired remote control which gives you access to the various ports like the ON/OFF switch and volume control on the system. Impactful Performance With Creative speakers, enjoy crisp notes and clear audio sound without being hard on the ears. The system is equipped with a down-firing subwoofer that delivers an impressive bass which can be easily adjusted to the desired level. The speakers have a power consumption of 12W, making them energy efficient, so, you donít have to worrying about the surging electricity bills.